Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021? 2020 did pass, it did, I'm serious. It did, seriously. Lets just say 2021 stumbled. After all, 2021 didn't have a whole lot to build upon. 

But, hey we made it. We're here, you're here. And that folks is amazing. I'm going to start off 2021 by saying THANK YOU to all of you that have been supporting us, sharing us and spreading the Busted Bones name around. I love you guys thank you.

What the hell should I write about? Seems that the words were overflowing a moment ago and now, ditto, zilch, dry.

January is a messed up month for me. So I will say this. Be kind to yourself and others.. Use good words. Be empowering. And always remember, you are the light in someone's darkness. We are all power, beautiful and amazing. Show the world who you are all costs. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Lets start off this year being proud of who we are as individuals, lets love ourselves and each other. And lets shout to the world who we are, what we have to offer and what we need. And by the power of Greyskull, lets be strong.


And now, for something completely different.


We're still dreaming here

Wiping the sleep from our eyes

As night gives way to the superlatives of day

Shafts of begin to sweep the cold floors with the warmth and hope of a new day.



Celebrate yourselves my friends

As I celebrate you,

Sing your songs

with voices confident and strong,

Speak with your souls voice 

Speak for the good things,

and the broken things that will make us all shine.


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