Welcome to November? Already?

For as messed up as 2020 has been, it has flown by and here we are in November. I need to thank everyone for supporting us at Busted Bones. Seriously, you guys are awesome! I appreciate all of you so much. 

I've added a lot of new designs in October. The majority of them were customer requests which is awesome! I can't stress enough how cool it is to work with customers and create a cool shirt for some one.

Regarding customer requests, some of you have asked about designer fees. I'm not a guy that wants to put a dollar amount on my time. So, I decided to go with the honor system. I added a tip thingy at check out. If I did a custom piece for you, give me a tip. It's fair, and it's a lot cheaper than charging an hourly rate on design work.

I need some help too. Share us on social media, please. Every time that you do, scientists get one step closer to mapping unicorn DNA, and who knows, some day we may even get free range unicorns prancing across the prairie. OOO, and customer reviews, give us some reviews and pictures of your new favorite t-shirt or hoodie. 

November 3rd is a big day. I want to encourage everyone to get out and VOTE! Make a plan and do it. No matter what you believe in, this is an important election. Your voice matters and is more powerful than you know. 

Again, thanks again for all of your support! I love you guys!

Wage Peace


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