Schnikies! February went by fast!

What have I learned in February? Freedom of expression is died only if you let the powers that be win and smother it, and that I am stubborn. Be yourself at all costs, there is more opportunity in being who are than what society tells you to be.


On to the good stuff, I have upgraded our cell phone case collection with Tough Cases. YAY! But seriously, these things are awesome! I've personally been using tough cases for a while now on my phones and they can take a good beating while keeping my phone safe. So, yeah its a good deal. Plus they look SWEET with Busted Bones designs!

We've also got some new designs done and running for Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, Jones Town and Manson. So make sure to check those out too!

What else? 

Oh yeah, some dweeb hijacked our original Facebook and Instagram, give us some love with a LIKE and a Follow. PLEASE, it'll make us feel wanted.

Any way, thanks for supporting us, you guys are awesome! Seriously. And keep your chin up folks!

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