Holy cow am I late on this post. Time is escaping me big time. 

In my defense, I've been caught up with customer requests and making new designs. 

I've also been on a futile quest to locate a PS5 for my son, which is proving to be as difficult as getting Trump to concede. It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away. This year, in all of its craziness has really flown by.

I need to thank all of you for supporting us, seriously. This Website is as weird as it sounds a dream come true for me. Hard to believe how far we've come in just a year and a half. And, as far as we've come, is a reflection of you guys, our customers. I love you guys. Seriously.

So I leave you folks with this. It's and older piece but still one of mine..

Beneath all these shafts light, stretching eons across the gelid depths of this universe and countless others;

Surrounded by the wonders of this world, the joys, and defeats,

I am aching for little,

I am blessed beneath these golden shafts of light.

Midst the detritus, corruption and darkness of this world

Manipura, I’m holding onto those shafts of light;

And although this spirit may grow weary of the trickery and ill words cast about in circles

I needn’t those words or circles;

I am blessed beneath these golden shafts of light.

So often had I forgotten where I’ve strayed, and ventured off setting courses untrue to my nature,

That those times were also my path, merely lessons to be learned along the way;

So often have I forgotten my simple modest place

and found myself loft in hubris unable to tread my path, unable to learn;

And so often did my path beckon and call upon forces to bring my fall,

That I may tread its course once more, and learn;

I am blessed beneath these golden shafts of light.

Here, with the restlessness at bay, and a spirit at ease,

Content in knowing one thing, for certain, myself;

I shall tread my path, through the ills and the betrayals of this world,

And I will tread, blessed, holding onto these golden shafts of light .


Be safe out there, love yourself, and have a great holiday season!



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