It is April! Spring is coming, and so is the birthday of the Casanova Killer Paul John Knowels April 17th 1946.
Knowels claimed to have taken as many as 35 lives, but was only tied to 20.
Knowels was coined the Casanova killer for his good looks and charming disposition. Driven by a craving for infamy, Knowle's murder and crime spree took place in the span of four months and 37 states.
Knowles life ended when he was shot to death during an escape attempt. 

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Thanks so much! I’ve enjoyed working with you!


I am absolutely in love with Busted Bones. I have made several purchases both special requests and Bisted Bones originals and have made a few suggestions for things I would like to buy and the owner NEVER disappoints. Such an amazing person to work with and the products are incredible. If you love true crime merch this is your shop!!


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