equality is greater than division

Activist Clothing

As an individual, when I started Busted Bones I wanted to do something positive, something up lifting, something that bettered the world around me.

By accident, I more or less fell into true crime clothing. Hey it was selling, and I wanted to make a name for myself in this little world. I'll admit I strayed from my original path. I strayed from what I, as an individual stood for. So, I've made a choice, to travel a new path. One that I can be proud of. One, where I can use my talents and this platform to better the world around me. One where I can make a stand with the rest of the world for equal rights, the environment, and peace. 

This may sound flakey, but we are all connected, we're all pieces of the same Universe and collectively a part of the same human experience. Right now, we are what defines our communities and humanity, and at Busted Bones Tees, we want to make this experience a positive one. 

Like everyone around on the face of this planet, I have been blessed with a talent, and I have decided to use that talent to support the world around me. So, whether you're standing up for racial or sexual equality, we've got you. If you're standing up to fascists, or standing up for reproductive rights we've got you there too. 

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