I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Holiday.You guys rock! It truly is the working class that keeps this country moving. It isn't the CEO's or the Government, it's us, the workers going out everyday pushing lathes. Thank you, for everything.

And from all of us at Busted Bones, thanks for supporting us. We appreciate more than you could ever know. You folks, make us possible. 

I'd also like to thank everyone that has been requesting custom work and designs. I love doing custom work. First off, it gives me the opportunity to work with you guys and secondly, it gives me an opportunity to get creative. So, if there's something you would like us to do, hit me up.

Lastly one thing that would really help us out, is getting our name out there, if you have a second, give us a share on Facebook.

Peace out for today folks. STAY AWESOME and WAGE Peace folks!

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