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With only a few days left in June, I figured I better set off on a journey to do July's post. Just because if I don't I'll lose track of time and then, like magic it'll be the middle of July.  First off, happy July and thanks for supporting us here Busted Bones. We appreciate you and think the world of you, because without you, there is no Busted Bones. And, I'd like to think we're some metaphorical pinion of light shining through the darkness of the dull and dreary t-shirt world.  Talking of T-shirts, I will be rolling out tank tops in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those.  Custom work. Folks, if you want something...

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Welcome to June Folks!   Additions to the site. Last month was a pretty good month. I released a lot of shirts. Randy Kraft, the Hillside Stranglers, Joel Lufkin to name a few. I also implemented product reviews and ratings, and this is where I could use your input folks. So, if you're a customer, give us a review, help future customers by letting them know about your experiences with Busted Bones. As an incentive, if you leave me a product a review, I'll send you a code for 10% off your next purchase :) As usual, thank you do much for your support, you folks are awesome! And, I love to work for you folks, so if there's something...

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May 2021

Well, like the calendar says, its May. This is going to be a rather short entry. There's just too much heavy stuff going on right now and it's cock-blocking my creativity today. But hey, May is a pretty cool month for true crime Birthdays, Albert Fish 05/19/1870 Richard Chase 05/23/1950 Jeffrey Dahmer 05/21/1960 H.H. Holmes 05/16/1861. Product reviews are up, and I'd really appreciate if you guys could give us some feedback. Also, don't hesitate to hit me up if you need something or need some custom work done.   

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It is April! Spring is coming, and so is the birthday of the Casanova Killer Paul John Knowels April 17th 1946. Knowels claimed to have taken as many as 35 lives, but was only tied to 20. Knowels was coined the Casanova killer for his good looks and charming disposition. Driven by a craving for infamy, Knowle's murder and crime spree took place in the span of four months and 37 states. Knowles life ended when he was shot to death during an escape attempt.  Product reviews are up, and I encourage everyone to leave us a review. All of you are the reason we are still up and running and I appreciate you guys! You ROCK! Don't forget about our...

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